food cans

any type of food can - beans, candy, coffee, hot chocolate, nuts, etc.
can; storage tank, silo, bunker, industrial building
lid; door

examples in use

this example from flamekebab @ the unnamed gorkamorka site
this example from adepticus prime
this example from mik's minis

if you have any more ideas for how any of these pieces could be used in terrain, please comment


Flamekebab said...

I'm planning on using containers of hot chocolate powder in a piece of terrain. Do they count as cans of nuts?

The containers are made of card, have a plastic lid, and a metal base, just like these, they're just a bit taller.

Tristan said...

I'm debating how to work out something like that - should I just have one post (eg. cans) and a bunch of pics & tags (nuts, coffee, hot choc. powder, etc.) or a post per type?

Flamekebab said...

Dude, "flamekebob"?

Tristan said...

LOL sorry mate, was probably thinking of your blog.

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