terrain building contest #1 - at halfway mark

just throwing up a quick reminder about our first terrain building contest. at the halfway point now - two weeks to go - and we're sure than anybody whose been sitting on their hands could still manage to put together a great entry in two weeks - what more do you need than some junk, some paint and some time? don't forget about the great prize!

also don't forget that your contest submission will also end up counting towards our "rewards" - two requirements of the contest (photos of bits and photos of completed) will count as submissions and inch you closer towards more great stuff. comments are definitely the easiest submission as all it takes is an idea and posting a comment. look for more frequent rewards related postings soon.


Tnoussis said...

How many submissions do you have so far? I wish i coudl submit something, but I won't be back until after the contest ends.

Tristan said...

No submissions yet - still two weeks left. I am anticipating around 3 to 4 submissions, but am trying to get folks to realize that a small piece of terrain is imminently feasible to finish in two weeks.

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