terrain building contest #1 - 3 days left

we've hit the final 3 days in our first terrain building contest. this will be the final reminder post - please ensure you get your photos submitted to terrainfromjunk@yahoo.com before may 1st.

up for grabs is some games workshop plastic planetstrike terrain, and keep in mind these photos will also count towards our "rewards" program for content submissions.


Flamekebab said...

I could have sworn I commented on here before..

I wanted to say that I may not be able to enter this contest due to an exam this week. With any luck I'll be able to put something together, assuming I get inspired, but it depends on how my revision goes.

Flamekebab said...

Well, I've got a piece built for the contest. Revision and painting in the morning.

Is the deadline the start of the 30th or the end?
In either case, which time zone?

Tristan said...

End of the 30th. As long as your email sent date says April 30th you are good.

Flamekebab said...

Awesome. I've got an exam in the morning, but the piece is undercoated, I'll get it painted in the afternoon and send you some photos afterwards.

Have I fulfilled the other requirements of the contest?

Tristan said...

Definitely, remember to get a ruler in the picture. :)

Flamekebab said...

My entry is in!

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