terrain building contest #1 - the entries (aka please vote)

entries have been received for the first terrain building contest. the quantity of entries is low (just two) but the quality is very high! we really need your votes!

storage tank/silo by cawshis clay @ adepticus prime
(currently sitting on +1 bonus point; bits photo provided in tfj style)

desert scrap pile by flamekebab @ the unnamed gorkamorka site
(currently sitting on +5 bonus points; bits photo provided in tfj style * 2, using extra pieces of junk * 3)

please use the voting module on the right to vote for your favourite.


Tnoussis said...

You only got two entries? Why couldn't i have been in Canada for this?!

Flamekebab said...

It seems a little questionable to change the rules of the contest after entries have been submitted. I'm not quite sure how the weighting was to work originally, but now I'm even more confused.

By the way, are future competitions going to be spread over multiple months?

Tristan said...

Thomas, plenty of opportunities coming up.

Ben, you are of course right, was concerned about volume of votes but that doesn't seem to be an issue.

It will depend contest to contest, but bigger contests will definitely be longer than one month.

Flamekebab said...

I was asking about the length of the contest as this one seems to be essentially two to three months. One for construction, the rest for voting, judging, etc..

It just seems a little long to me. I find if I spread construction over more than a week or two, I'm essentially sentencing the project to a long, slow death.

Tristan said...

First contest is never going to go perfectly. Had no idea what the response would be. Perhaps a month is too long for voting.

Also, nothing to stop you from completing your project with time to spare, but I still feel more time to build is necessary to accommodate more entries.

Cawshis Clay said...

As I completed my piece in 2 weeks, I thought that was ample time. I was surprised by the length of time on the voting though! 30 days seems wicked long. I wonder how many more votes you'll get now that this isn't the first post listed, you know?

Great piece flamekebob. Love the use of the pots/bins to make that crashed rocket.

Flamekebab said...

Cheers, Cawshis. I wanted to add more detailing but I didn't have any suitable parts to hand, nor the time to acquire them (I had an exam the next day).

I'm impressed by the awesome sandbag fortifications in your piece, although the detailing on the can is pretty enviable too!

Cawshis Clay said...

This is going to be a nail-biter down to the end!

Tristan said...

Indeed it is, you guys have been neck and neck!

Tristan said...

Also just to clarify the judge vote, 1st is 10pts per 25 poll votes, 2nd is 7 pts per 25 poll votes - so currently (at 79 poll votes) first place in judges eyes is worth 30 points and second is worth 21.

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