rewarding participation... update!

april introduced the rewards concept, and by the end of the month a follower will receive a reward! whoever has the most participation for one of the three submission categories (randomly selected from; example photos of terrain built with junk, tutorials on building terrain from junk to link, ideas on uses for various pieces of junk) will earn themselves a little bit of loot.

the only requirements are to be a follower and that what you've submitted must be used on the site. here are the standings (photos/tutorials/ideas - name)
0/0/6 - Bitzjunkie
1/1/1 - Cawshis
0/1/0 - Col Corbane
1/0/0 - Dragontigre
5/0/3 - Flamekebab
0/0/1 - Herald of Discord
2/1/0 - Mik
2/1/0 - Screamingabdab

as you can see, Bitzjunkie is well in the lead for idea submission, Flamekebab is holding down the photo submission category and so far the tutorial submission category is up for grabs. but there's still the majority of the month left - so get crackin'!

as always the email address for submitting content is ideas can be submitted through comments right in the post.


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