voting: terrain building contest #2 (aka the entries)

contest #2 has earned one more entry than the first contest. one of these three talented gentlemen will be taking home an imperial bastion! in a randomly generated order - here are the entries.

chaos bastion by Chris
(currently at; +2 points)

tau bastion by Thomas @ Hammer and the Sword
(currently at; +4 points)

cat bowl outpost by John @ Santa Cruz Warhammer
(currently at; +1 points)

please use the voting module to the right to vote for an entry. voting will be open for seven days.


Dezartfox said...

They're all cool!
Which do I choose?! D:

Cawshis Clay said...

Wow! Great looking bastions up there! Lots of creative bits usage.

Kudos to all the entrants!

Crispy said...

I think that the most useful piece of material was a "For Sale" sign. It's poor man's plasticard. I got 3 of them from a Target for less than $3, and they work just like plasticard.

-Chris (the Chaos Bastion)

Crispy said...

And thanks for the Kudos

Flamekebab said...

Difficult to choose one!

JustinM said...

Nice work guys, guess I'm a little late to throw my hat in the ring, but I'll be looking for the next round!

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