terrain building contest #2

the contest
build a piece of terrain that could count as a bastion and incorporate pieces of junk that we need example photos for into your entry.
the prize
the winner of terrain building contest #2 will receive as their prize, one (1) complete imperial bastion!

the rules
  • You must be a follower of Terrain from Junk (hereafter referred to as TfJ)
  • The deadline for contest submissions is July 31st, 2010.
  • Send all submissions to terrainfromjunk@yahoo.com
  • The piece of terrain must be suitably large to be considered a bastion!
  • You must use a piece of junk listed on TfJ, choose from this list.
  • The final submission must be fully painted and based.
  • You must submit a completed (painted/based) photo with a piece of paper that says "Terrain from Junk".
  • The winner will be determined by poll results and bonus points.
  • Bonus points available (5); 
  • (0-2) using extra pieces of junk from the above list.
  • (0-3) providing photos of junk in a similar fashion to what's found in TfJ posts (with miniatures for scale)
  • Voting will be open for seven days.
best of luck! any questions can be submitted through commenting on this post.


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