Build a bigger bunker

Hi, I'm Pete, and I've been asked to contribute to this nifty blog. I have been fond for a fair few years of recycling bits and bobs to make terrain. I'm equally fond of vegan ice cream (since I'm a vegan), and I have loads of old containers littering the house. They're octagonal, so make good-looking bunkers, but smaller (or differently-shaped) ones work equally well. What I do is get the ice cream tub, cut a hole in its underside, and vision-slits in its sides, then knock up a door from some plasticard, and glue that on. I thicken up the walls with some foamcard secured with a hot glue gun, and make sure that the vision-slits go all the way through the wall. Then I apply a bit of diluted PVA glue, sprinkle sand over that, and let it dry. I apply another coat of diluted PVA glue so the sand doesn't fall off like the dandruff of someone who really needs a medicated shampoo, and when that's dry, I slap on the paint. Because it's mostly coated with sand, dry-brushing with successively lighter shades of grey (or other colours more suited to your gaming table) works brilliantly. You can set these things up so they have a massive vantage point from the front, all-round coverage, or strategic blind spots - whichever suits your style. Check out these pictures for an idea of what I mean.


Admiral Drax said...

This is SUPERB!

I have a stack of these tubs too, and - having failed to work out how best to convert them into bunkers, this is bang-on!

Great work - thanks!

Peter Ball said...

Glad you liked the ideas, Admiral!

Unknown said...

Im gonna need to find me some vegan Ice cream, this is way to easy!


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